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imageWelcome to TG-M's notgeld site and the interesting and fascinating world of notgeld collecting!!! The world's No.1 specialist online resource for paper notgeld (emergency money) collectors Learn More
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Beautiful 'stoffgeld' (material) pieces from Bielefeld.

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Highly collectable and fairly 'common' round pieces.

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Rare German spielkarton

Early hand-written pieces made from playing cards.

Extremely rare and highly collectable pieces from 1914.

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Welcome to my Notgeld website.

Everyone can now purchase my 3 notgeld books:

'German Gems - The Encyclopedia of German notgeld' Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


'The 1921 Bielefeld 100m stoffgeld pieces', Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu. Please click on associated button above or use the link below.

TG-M's excellent notgeld publications

I am now slowly selling off my personal notgeld collection, at up to 20% discount on cat value to my GNCC members, if they spend over 100 euros, so please visit my online shop (select tab on yellow menu line above). I may also have pieces selling on eBay so please see seller 'www*notgeld*com'. You can email me direct if you are interested in other sets or pieces as I have thousands of sets here.......common, uncommon, scarce and rare!! .......This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please contact me if you have any of the Bielefeld 100m linen or silk pieces with coloured edges and borders. I will pay 75-100 euros (depending on border type) for any piece I don't already have, so I can add it to the reference I am writing. There must be loads out there. These pieces have never been properly catalogued before, but I am trying to change that!


Please join my German Notgeld Collector's Club (GNCC). Well worth joining if you are passionate about learning more about German notgeld!! (There are hidden pages on this website which become visible for members who log on and discounts for members too etc. etc.).


You can send me up to 20 scans of your collection if you are wanting to sell and I can then give you a valuation and brief description of what you have. (One scan can be a page or 2 of the notgeld album), displaying 4 or 5 sets per page on average). For just a one-off payment of £25 (or equivalent) to me via PAYPAL, I will then study the scans you submit carefully and let you know anything that is 'uncommon', 'scarce' or 'rare' - that will usually be any piece with a catalogue price of 10 euros or more. This is ideal for people who have a collection to sell but don't know if it contains scarce pieces!!


Selling your notgeld collection? If so, please contact me as I can usually better any valuations already given to you! I am a specialised collector and not a banknote dealer.

I have been collecting for over 40 years now and have a 100% positive feedback record (over 2000 positive comments over several years) with eBay (My userid is www*notgeld*com ).

My first ever notgeld reference

'The 1921 Bielefeld 100m stoffgeld pieces'

is now available in full print.......with over 150 different notes depicted!This is a fantastic reference for these beautiful and colourful pieces. The following is feedback from Olav, a GNCC member:

Bielefeld 100 M Stoffgeld pieces 

A catalogue written by:
A.J. Gibbs Murray, 2011

This book, available to members of the 
“German Notgeld Collectors Club”(GNCC) 
over the internet, is different from 
the “German Gems” issued by
the same author previously. It covers 
one single note, from one single town, 
dated one single day – July 15 1921, 
commemorating the founding of Bielefeld 
700 years previously. The pieces in 
question (all with the same front 
motive) have the numbers 26-35 in the 
Grabowski catalogue (Notgeld No.9) but 
in this catalogue of Tony’s, we see 
over 150 varieties! The key 
thing is that they are made of cloth 
–“Stoff” in German……linen or silk in 
this example. Bielefeld was a textile 
town and the perusal of cloth was not 
any necessity created of need (“Not”) 
– but advertising the town’s key asset. 
If we limit ourselves to colour, text 
1 or 2, linen or silk – we have about 
14 varieties. The author, Tony, takes 
us one step further, the borders: 
various embroideries, colours  in a 
number of combinations you hardly would 
think possible. Collecting Bielefeld 
notes would take you into the more 
expensive part of notgeld collecting. 
If you are not inclined towards such 
investments, or are just happy to own 
a few samples – this book gives you 
the opportunity to indulge in the many, 
many varieties that, at reasonable prices 
are much less than the more expensive 
Bielefeld stoffgeld pieces.

Olav E. Klingenberg

My second notgeld reference

'German Gems - The Encyclopedia of German notgeld' 


is now available!! (First created in JUNE 2009 & merged into single reference in 2014)


  • These are now available for purchase by anyone interested in notgeld
  • All scans are in full colour

Following refers to 'German Gems' reference only:

  • This is not a catalogue, rather a notgeld reference book, but it does contain prices of depicted pieces. If you read it from cover to cover, you will understand what to look out for with your notgeld.
  • Lots of extra and very interesting information about towns, history and notes is included
  • Information contained within, relates to all notgeld categories, but is strongly biased towards serienscheine
  • Click on the 'read more' icon below, to see 2 actual page layouts.
  • Last but not least...........'German Gems' contains lots of professional German-English translations of the original German verses!!





These new notgeld references, contain lots of general and specific information for the collector of German notgeld. There is some real interesting stuff here which will really help your understanding and enjoyment of your notgeld collecting!! I have laid it out so that pieces are in alphabetical order, although the notgeld categories are mixed......serienscheine, verkehrsausgaben, POW issues, wertbestaendige etc. etc. All depicted notes include references to their specific catalogue numbers and market valuations in euros. All pictures of the notgeld pieces (individual and complete sets) are in full colour! They do have a heavy bias towards the serienscheine pieces, but other categories are included for added reference and info. Your knowledge about German notgeld and the things to look out for when buying them will be greatly increased and a great value to you - knowledge is power as they say. A well-informed collector, will always be better at spotting a bargain because of their very specialised and expert knowledge!!


GNCC - German Notgeld Collector's Club (a one-off 'lifetime' £35 joining fee) SUPER VALUE!


If you are not a member of my GNCC, you are really missing out on so much info!

Did you know, most notgeld pieces can be bought for 1 euro each! I have thousands to sell - please get in touch.

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