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Below, I have attached a scan of an interesting 1914 piece:


Serial number '1'!!

When some of these early notgeld pieces were issued in 1914, there was an original print run of so many pieces. Some issues, like the following ones from Guhrau (Polish - Gora) had an original issue of :

  • 5pf - 100 pieces
  • 10pf - 200 pieces
  • 50pf - 520 pieces
  • 1m - 525 pieces
  • 2m - 875 pieces
  • 5m - 205 pieces

    When these 'original issue' print run pieces were all used up, they then had to print more so you get what is known as 'Neudrucke' or new print issue / reprints. The more scarcer pieces are always the original print issue pieces. These pieces from Guhrau catalogue at 15 euros each for the new print issue pieces but a minimum of 25 euros.........and up to 100 euros for the original print run pieces from the set of 6. Have a look at the scans below - the original print run 50pf issue has the 'P' from pfennig in a more graphical and fancier font. That is true of the 'M' for the 1m, 2m & 5m pieces.

    The set was issued on different coloured card - but the latter issue was 'layered' around plain card. You can see here where the layers have separated unintentionally!

    The complete sets (original and later print run) can be seen below.