The following notes, issued by August Teichmann, are from Wingendorf and date from 1922. The unissued pieces are plain, with no stampmark , hand-written date or signatures. When the notes were issued, they were dated, signed, stamped and issued with their individual number. One of the 1000m pieces has writing on its reverse, with the other 4 being plain - so there are 5 different pieces here. Uncommon and interesting pieces, which catalogued at 300 old Dm each.

They are quite simple in their design and colour but different in general look to other notgeld. Nice pieces if you can get hold of them.........

The 1000m pieces have their serial number in the top right corner, which were printed along with the rest of the note. Those pieces could then be dated and signed. The 500m pieces all have 'Nr.0001' printed on them but when they were signed and stamped ready for issue, that printed number than was amended by adding '/xxx' where xxx is the actual individual number of the piece.

Please contact me direct if you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces.