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Konstanz Am Bodensee

A very interesting and historical piece of Inflation 1922 notgeld, can be seen below. It is a 100m piece, issued in Konstanz Am Bodensee, which features 'Johannes Huss' and which is dated '23 Oktober 1922'




Having just returned from the Czech Republic, where there is a lovely statue in the Prague Old Town Square of Jan Hus, I thought I would add further info about this piece.

Hus (b.1369 - d.1415) was a Czech theologian, Roman Catholic priest, philosopher, master, dean and rector of the Charles University in Prague, church reformer, inspirator of Huttism, (a key predecessor to Protestantism) and a seminal figure in the Bohemian Reformation. His name is sometimes Anglicized as 'John Huss' or referred to in historical documents as 'Johannes Huss'. Hus is considered one of the first major Church reformers, as he lived before Martin Luther and is sometimes referred to as the 1st Protestant.

Hus was burned at the stake in Konstanz, Germany.

After Hus was executed in 1415, the followers of his religious teachings (known as Hussites) rebelled against their Roman Catholic rulers and defeated five consecutive papal crusades between 1420 and 1431 in what became known as the Hussite Wars.

The translation of the text below Jan Hus on the notgeld reads:

'O Hus, for the doctrine of your belief
You would no longer be burned today
For now thanks to wicked usury's scheming
Firewood is much too expensive'