Inflation 1923

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Private specimen (musterscheine) note.

The following scan is of a rare specimen note, issued by 'Weserwerke G. & F. Kaminski AG' of Hameln. (Georg & Franz).

This company name was in existence from 1923 - 1929. The company exists today and is called 'Franz Kaminski Waggonbau GmbH'.

Hameln kaminskimuster


Print error!! 

Below, is a scan of a very unusual Inflation piece of notgeld, issued in Memmingen  (28 Oktober 1923). It is a printing error or 'fehldruck' piece.

10 milliarden or 20 milliarden??


Memmingen printerror

(Here is the normal note)!



Look out for notes that have nice imagery. They look fantastic in a collection. Below, are 2 examples of the imagery for the 'Phoenix rising from the flames', issued by the Phoenix company in Dusseldorf......on a 100,000m note and a 50 million mark note. There is a difference in the wing shape and position.............................


"Bergbau und Huettenbetrieb" translates as Mining and Smelting Works. 
The Phoenix Mining and Smelting Works Ltd was founded in 1852 in Eschweiler near Aachen, with the intention of mining both iron ore and coal to smelt and turn into pig iron, keeping the whole process in house, as it were, from raw materials to finished product. It had various plants along the Rhine. The company moved to Duesseldorf in 1921-1922, just before the issue of its inflationary notes.
One of its former steelworks, Phoenix East in Dortmund, was excavated and flooded and turned into an artificial lake in 2006.
Below is another example of the notgeld they issued, this time from the city of Hoerde.
The following interesting note, has some lovely graphics and imagery.
The depiction is extremely artistic in value with the 'all seeing but bleeding eye' at its central design, along with the 'suffering people' depicted at the bottom of the note, frantically praying and kneeling and kowtowing to God.........(notice all the clouds around the eye) with some possibly trying to escape God's wrath. I believe it symbolises the suffering of the German People, at the time when the whole monetary system was failing and also that the hyperinflation might be God's punishment. Perhaps the weeping All-Seeing Eye is God repenting that He ever made mankind as they have brought themselves to such a state by their evil.
Below, is another interesting face-valued hyper- inflationary notgeld, from Riedlingen. Issued in Oktober 1923, it has a face value of 250 milliarden (250 thousand millionen) mark (250,000,000,000m)...........that's 1/4 of a BILLION.
The following pinkish coloured note, below, was issued in Kaiserslautern and has a date of '15 August 1923'. They issued 50,700 pieces of this face value note, which had a combined face value of 10,140,000,000m!
I only know this because of the envelope shown under the actual notgeld piece, which details the different notgeld issues from the town of Kaiserslautern for the year of 1923. An interesting notgeld collector item.
Kaiserslauternnotes issued envelope

The following piece is just, what I would call, a lovely example of an Inflation 1923 piece of notgeld. You can quite easily see the town of issue, the serial number (hand-written in this example), the face-value of the note, the date of issue and a valid until date, an official stampmark and a signature (again, hand-written in this example). The paper colour of green, also makes this note 'interesting'.

.....and another good example from Anklam


An unusual ' vertically designed' note from Hattingen-Ruhr


Often collectors with come across notes that have been cancelled in some way.......corner-cut, stamped, hole-punch cancelled. Here is a good example!!