Neuruppin - (Lm.932b)

The above scan shows a very nice set of 4 issued in Neuruppin. Face values are 1*25pf + 3*50pf. Beautifully detailed with colour and lovely additions for your notgeld collection, if they come your way. These pieces are not particularly scarce or expensive. They are dated 'Juli 1921', probably very near the peak of the serienscheine notgeld issuing period. The translations from German into English, can be found in my reference file 'German Gems (Volume 2 : M-Z)', available to GNCC members, from early 2010.

The note featuring 'Uncle Fritz' has been purported to be anti-Semitic in that the fat Uncle Fritz walking in front of a store owned by Jews, was told to disperse as if he were a crowd rather than just a single person. The allegory was that he represented the fat (wealthy) Jews of the town and that he should spread his wealth rather than hoarding it, which is why he is shown in front of a Jewish-owned store.

Please be careful. There is absolutely no validity to this!

Loeser & Wolf was a very famous tabacco store in Germany and nobody thought them to be Jews. The text under the picture is a German word pun. 'Sie müssen auseinandergehen!' has two meanings. First it is an order to disappear in very strange words for a single person. Usually you would use it for a crowd. But the word 'auseinandergehen' also means to become fatter and the man already is very fat, so it would be better for him to do the opposite. It is therefore a critical comic statement aimed at the German upper class and not anti-Semitic in nature!! The other pictures support this too.