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Paderborn was once the oldest academic site in Westphalia. In 1614, a university was founded by Jesuits but was closed in 1819. It was re-founded in 1972 as Universität-Gesamthochschule and transformed into a sole university in 2002. Today, it is attended by about 14,000 students. Paderborn is situated at the spring of the Pader river, approx. 30 kilometers east of Lippstadt and approx. 50 kilometers south of Bielefeld. The hills of the Eggegebirge are located east of the city.

The following scan shows a piece of stoffgeld (money made of material), where the material is a fine leather! The piece is dated 25.4.1923 and is one of a set of 3, with the other 2 pieces being face values of 250m (green) & 1000m (red). They were issued by 'Werner Mosheim, notgeldhaus' and are catalogued in the stoffgeld catalogue ('Band 9') by Grabowski. The reverse of the piece will show if you hold your mouse over the image.

Paderborn - note is made of leather! (note '401' in the 'Band 9' catalogue by Grabowski).