The town of Rehburg, issued a delightful series of eight notes which portray the occasion of the visit of King George IV of Hannover, in the manner of silhouettes and with earthy verses. This visit, of the king, occurred in October 1821......100 years before the issue date of this set, so it could be seen as a 'commemorative' set of notes. Upon his arrival in Rehburg, the king was received by a deputation, a member of which, Pastor Dietrich Lauenstein, composed a poem whose eight verses are given to posterity on the notes. The artistic designs were created by F. Jü can see his initials in the bottom right corner.


Verse translation of note '5' :


Our honourable pastor

Smokes his pipeful of tobacco, and

Is the muses’ darling.

He has a slew of children And of books no fewer,

But sadly little money


Verse translation of note '6' :


The mayor of our town,

Heinrich Wahlmann by name,

Can hold his own.

Even the delegation who

Give him hard stares

Do so with great respect.