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The town of Rinteln issued some lovely looking 'serienscheine' pieces, with face values of 10pf, 25pf, 50pf & 1m. There are several variant pieces but the easiest ones to firstly differentiate between are the pieces with serial numbers and those with writing/blank and no serials. The 3 notes below all have a serial number, on an area made up of very fine lines ('raster'). Sometimes in the catalogues these 'raster' areas will be denoted as having so many lines........eg) 7 line raster.


 Rinteln3 withKN


The 3 notes below, instead of having a serial number and raster, have text writing or are blank in the area where the serial number is on similar pieces:





Here is the 1m note: (hold mouse over to see reverse)!




The Rinteln notgeld pieces are based on the stories of Baron Münchausen.  

10pf and 1 Mark.

Im sumpf bis über die ohren und dennoch nich verloren.

In the swamp to over the ears and yet not lost.

The theme of this tall story is that Baron Münchausen wanted to jump over a bog that hadn’t seemed too wide at first and says “I was already floating in the air, when I decided to turn around to where I came from, for I needed a bigger run-up. None the less, I jumped too short the second time. Not far from the other side I fell into the bog. Here I would have undoubtedly died, if not the strength of my own arm, grabbing my own pigtail, had pulled me, including my horse —which I squeezed tightly between my legs—out of it”.


Mit 14 punkten erst gelockt und hinterrücksdann festgepplockt.

First lured with 14 points and then pegged behind.

The Baron recounts a story where he once caught a bear by putting lots of honey onto the drawbar.  The bear ate and ate, thus being impaled step by step and finally Münchausen simply had to fix the bear in place with a peg.  Ouch!

(I think the text refers to the 14 point plan that Woodrow Wilson suggested to end World War I).


Wer selbst sich hilftin höchster not, den kriegt die ganze welt nicht tot.

Whoever helps himself in the highest need, does not get the whole world dead.

When fighting Tippoo Sahib, a Turkish opponent, the Baron accidentally fires himself through the sky using a mortar and returns riding a cannonball

The front of the note.

Dieser Gutschein verliert seine Gültigkeit 1 Montaf nacht erfolgter öffentl Bekanntmachung. Rinteln, im August 1920

This voucher loses its validity 1 month after publication. Rinteln, in August 1920