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Loebujuen - set of 3 verkehrsausgaben notes

The notes above are a beautiful set of verkehrsausgaben notgeld which although are colourful, can be seen as less colourful than the serienscheine types. They are dated 1920 and would probably be dated 1921 were they to be serienscheine. They catalogue as T.Loebejuen06/07 & 08. Each has a catalogue value of 4 euros. Catalogue values from 'current' ones, tend to be spot on with market values. The rarer pieces though, quite often reach higher prices at auction than their stated catalogue values!).

The following scan shows a beautiful piece of verkehrsausgaben, issued in Karlstadt, depicting St. George killing the dragon. The colourful piece has several variants with the serial number and also comes with either the printers name at the bottom or without it. A beautiful looking note. (Very interestingly, the design was later re-used on hyper-inflationary issues, printed by the same city.


50pf Karlstadt verkehrsausgaben notgeld issue.

hyper-inflationary 1923 notgeld issues from Karlstadt


As I am a dog lover and have had 2 Rottweiler dogs, this piece of notgeld issued in Rottweil needs a mention here! A 'normal' but striking piece of verkehrsausgaben notgeld.

I wonder how many people have spotted the 2 hamsters at the top of the reverse?

They seem to be the cause of the misery on the face of the imperial eagle, as hamsters represent hoarders - info supplied by my collector colleague John Adams!


The scan below is of an uncommon 'private' verkehrsausgaben set of 3, issued in Pouch. The pieces are made of coloured card and are very basic in design. Issued by the 'Konsum verein' (consumer operative/association.................or co-op) the pieces catalogue as T.Pouch5740/05.01=03 and the set of 3 has a value of 60 euros.


An interesting piece of verkehrsausgaben from Einbeck, originally issued in 1917 for 50 pfennigs but overprinted in 1923 to 'Funf milliarden' mark(5,000,000,000). The 'valid until' (gultig) date of 15 Mai 1919 has been extended/amended to 3 Dez. 1923.

Another interesting piece of verkehrsausgaben, this time issued in Bautzen. Dating from 1917 this scarce piece catalogues at 50 euros if it has a serial number, as it should normally have. This piece has no serial number so, for this note, it is a 'Muster' or 'druckprobe' piece (specimen/print sample) piece - nice piece of notgeld! Tieste specifies such pieces as 'M' (Muster).

The following scan shows a set of 2 verkehrsausgaben pieces (so primarily issued for circulation to help the shortfall of loose change) but interestingly, issued in 'Neukirchhof' - a place that actually never existed! So basically, a fantasy issue but not catalogued as serienscheine which you would tend to suspect. A real verkehrsausgaben oddity. 'Druckmuster' is print specimen.