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Wertbestaendige notgeld.........face-values for actual commodities:


15% of wertbestandige notgeld issues are in values of goods such as rye, sugar, water, pure gold, pork dripping, tar, pine timber, Beechwood, wood for burning, safety matches, bricks etc.etc. They seem fairly scarce and are thus, fairly expensive. The note below is from the town of Stralsund and is for the value of 1 pound of sugar. Whatever the inflation rate increased to, this note was always going to have the same buying power.  The note below, catalogued under 'Cottbus' is dated 1 September 1923, with a valid until date of 1 September 1924. That date has been stamped out and the holder of the note is told to see reverse 'siehe Rueckseite'.........

4 further similar pieces are underneath, with increasing face-values/weight of Rye:


Cottbus 5roggenpieces


This note, issued in Stralsund, has a face-value of '1Lb of sugar'

The following 2 scans show the fronts of notes which had a face value of either 30 goldpfennigs (or .5 Pfd (Pfund/pound)
of margarine) or 60 goldpfennigs (or 1 Pfd (Pfund/pound) of margarine). They were issued in the town of Neusalz (Oder)
and are dated 25.10.1923.



Another very interesting wertbestaendige notgeld issue can be seen below. Issued in Rheinbach, the cancellation stampmark, which does not usually appear on this note, is from a company which accepted the note as payment from someone paying it in and then gave it back to the issuing company!


Another very interesting wertbestaendige notgeld issue can be seen below. Issued in Kiel, the face value is for a commodity - 'fine gold' (not just goldmark/pfennige!) A scarcer piece.

One of my most favourite sets of notgeld are the following pieces, issued in Koeln, with each piece covering a different commodity. Margarine, pork dripping (Schmalz) & beef dripping (Rinderfett). Where it says 'packung' (Margarine note) it is for a 1 lb package of margarine.



3 further 'commodity' pieces - this time for the 'utilities': gas, electricity and water:

Usually the note would only have 1 stated commodity. With the note below though, the user had a choice.........

Flensburg commodities



5 kilowatt hours of light or 62/3 kilowatt hours of energy

or 10 cubic metres of gas or 10 cubic metres of water

Valid only in the municipality of Flensburg during the appropriate period of service announced for this series

Billing Office for Gas, Energy and Water of the Town of Flensburg'