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Issues (non German)

Other countries that issued notgeld, between 1914-1924

As my notgeld interest is entirely with the German notgeld (paper and stoffgeld) issues, I have listed here for other notgeld collectors, the different countries that issued paper notgeld for the same period as above. I am aware of the following countries:
  • Algeria Austria Belgium Croatia Denmark France Hungary
  • Italy Lithuania Luxembourg Monaco Netherlands Poland Portugal
  • Russia Senegal Slovenia Spain

  • Notgeld from Algeria

    Notgeld from Austria (values will be in 'heller' or 'Krone')

    Notgeld from Belgium

    Notgeld from Croatia

    Notgeld from France (Grenoble, Avignon, Wimy & Chauny)

    Notgeld from Hungary

    Notgeld from Luxembourg

    Notgeld from Monaco

    Notgeld from Netherlands

    Notgeld from Portugal (full set of 5 pieces is 5, 10, 20, 30 & 50 centavos)

    Another Portuguese issue, this time for the Cuba municipal.

    Notgeld from Senegal

    Notgeld from Slovenia