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For international buyers, I now accept secure payment via PAYPAL


Excellent exchange rates site

For international buyers, I now also accept secure payment via TransferWise - much, much cheaper than PAYPAL


Ever wondered why you keep losing those eBay items you are bidding on in the last minute? Click here and hopefully win a lot more of your bids! As a shift worker....working strange hours, this is very useful. (Also good when there is an eBay item you want and you are away from your PC....on holiday for example).

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Excellent exchange rates site


notgeld related links


'the serienscheine museum' blog.

listing of German-to-Polish town names.

listing of Polish-to-German town names.

excellent Austrian notgeld catalogue available here

worldcoins A-Z, including German/English dictionary for banknote collectors

Watermarks which can be found on German notgeld

Excellent video for general info on notgeld


Excellent publication on the hidden messages depicted on notgeld and other banknotes


Excellent software for cataloguing your notgeld collection


Shaun Aspinall - a banknote dealer colleague in Germany


Beate Rauch - a banknote dealer colleague in USA


Paper money error book (only includes about 10 notgeld errors though!!)