TGM (Aug. 2022)

Hope everyone is OK and enjoying the nice weather we are experiencing. Its been rather windy whilst cycle riding but at least the roads are now, usually dry. Several new articles about different notgeld topics and types have been written this past month and several are already planned for the coming month. The ‘kleinscheck’ pieces from Flemming-Wiskott printing company made for a very interesting topic. Several anomalies with these types still exist, both in the pieces themselves and the catalogues! To find out more, please log-in and read both ‘kleinscheck’ articles which are now available to read.

I was especially pleased to have acquired a very rare set of 4 from Schoenberg, Austria, very recently…..all with the serial number of ‘001’!!! They are a real pleasure for a collector.

I haven’t managed to complete the article about the ‘Steel Helmet’ association as yet, as other notgeld research seems to have come first in my priorities. I will endeavour to get it completed this month though.

As always – happy collecting and fingers crossed on finding some scarce pieces!!

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