TG-M (Jan 2024)

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and I now wish you a Happy New Year for 2024!

Time seems to fly and we are again at the beginning of another year. Let’s all hope it is a good one and that everybody has some good luck in their lives and in their collecting areas. Have most of you stayed fairly static in what you collect or has that changed over time? I’d be interested to know, as for me, my interests haven’t really changed very much at all in the past 50 years of collecting. Email me please, and let me know your own collecting adventures. It is always good to hear about the different ways that people were attracted to the hobby and what their collecting targets are.

For Christmas (2023) a couple of very interesting notgeld were added to my own collection. My family knows what I want for gifts so they go along with my suggestions! I’m still waiting for some of the pieces to arrive but of course, the postal services are stretched at this festive time still. What was the best addition you made to your collection in 2023? Please do get in touch, either on the forum or by 1-1 email. Here is one of my notes just received:

(Very uncommon Wetzlar 25pf with green overprint (Lm.1385))

Are there any articles that you would really like to see on the website, that you are willing to assist me with this year? Please get in touch and lets discuss the suggestions. I usually write articles when I find something of interest with noteld that I acquire but there might be topics that I haven’t thought to touch upon as yet…… email me please. We can all make this hobby even more interesting to all GNCC members and future members!!

My ‘ELUSIVE GEMS‘ book, showing the very rare serienscheine notes (and others), has just been updated (1st Jan 2024) taking the total page count from 270 – 365!! Many more notes are shown in full colour now. There are only 2 notes that I have been unable to find.

I wish everyone good health, wealth and happiness and the best of luck with their notgeld collecting for this new year.

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