TG-M (July 2024)

For this month’s news, I can inform you all that the ‘Volume 2’ of ‘REVALUED GEMS‘ has now been published and is available for purchase from the ‘My Books’ section on the homepage. It is a picture book of ‘non-serienscheine’ notgeld that have had their original face value altered………usually a much higher face value due to the hyper-inflation of 1923.

Here is the cover page:

The other main notgeld news item, carried over from last month, is the related ‘printer codes’ from the Reichsdruckerei (State printing office). The Reichsdruckerei couldn’t meet the demand for printed banknotes so it received helped from other printing companies who printed the Reichsbanknotes on behalf of the Reichsdruckerei. (All the Reichsbanknotes were issued by the State bank of course but the ones printed elsewhere and on behalf of the Reichsdruckerei have codes on the banknotes to show that).

Code ‘J’ is currently an unknown printer, but surely, if one looks at this form a notgeld printers perspective rater than coming from a Reichsbanknote’s direction……….. it must be ‘Gebruder Jaenecke, Hannover‘? ‘Jaenecke‘ were a prolific notgeld printer as any ‘established’ notgeld collector will be aware. I have created a list of the notgeld they produced. Who else could it be?? From the list of 275+ printers we have on the website, only 2 other ‘J’ names have been named so far and neither of those fits the bill.

If you want to assist in any of the notgeld articles here, or even help me create one that you are specifically interested in, please do make contact.

Happy collecting as always!!

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