TG-M (Nov. 2023)

A big hello to everyone and I hope all notgeld collectors are well and enjoying this wonderful hobby of ours!

I have just published my latest article about the Inflation 1923 notgeld, issued by the ‘ADCA’. Collectors will no doubt have come across lots of issues from different places which all refer to the ‘ADCA’ (credit institute). It can be very interesting to see some of these notgeld issues and to understand where all the different locations are situated. It can also become a good way to collect notgeld for a theme, that is, possibly trying to get a note from all the different issuing locations or something similar. In my mind, it is very much like the ‘GSG’ issues – please see the specific article about those issues.

I was able to add some lovely scarcer pieces to my collection over the past few weeks and I hope that is the case for you and your collections. Please do let me know about any really interesting notgeld additions you have recently made. Some of these pieces that I recently acquired, I will be writing about or showing them somewhere on the website in the near future so please do keep a lookout on the homepage for the ‘latest articles’.

For me, the cycling continues but we are now in ‘winter gear’ and at a slower pace or cadence. I need to keep ticking over so that next Spring & Summer it is not too much of an effort to reach the faster tempo that occurs in the warm and on the dry roads.

Happy collecting as usual and please do keep the emails coming in. I enjoy all my ‘1 – 1’ conversations about notgeld.

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