TG-M (Oct. 2023)

I have now completed going through my serienscheine albums here, looking for the different artist names. It’s is a great little notgeld project that can only get better over time. I don’t think the notgeld artists have been looked at before except for specific artists eg). Heinz Schiestl and Franz Juettner. Any help you can provide for this article is greatly appreciated.

I am sorting through some notgeld overprint pieces and some specimen examples that I have acquired over the past couple of months. I am also updating some files for the website articles and I have started work on updating the ‘ELUSIVE GEMS’ book which I hope to republish in early 2024. With regards to notgeld – have you found out anything interesting or had any interesting additions for your collection? Anything interesting you can share with us all?

As the months draw in towards the end of the year and the weather gets a bit colder, I will be spending more time indoors working through some notgeld work I have here. I hope you all are able to add interesting notes to your collections in the coming weeks and months.

I recently acquired this interesting piece from Verden with a purple stamp and stamp mark on it. I had never seen it before and it doesn’t look like it is mentioned in the Tieste verkehrsausgaben catalogues.

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