TGM (April 2021)

Thanks to all those who are posting in the GNCC forum. The info being supplied is absolutely invaluable and very fascinating. I like so many others are learning even more about the wonderful notgeld issues and the stories they tell.

I currently have 6 new articles that I am working on that will get published on the website when they are ready. The listing I am working on, that I spoke briefly about last month………………………has just been submitted for print verification process so I hope to be able to get that available in the next few weeks or so……….. so my fingers are tightly crossed for that. It is a new notgeld book based around a list of main catalogue entries by Grabowski/Mehl (the pair of blue serienscheine catalogues from 2003 that I have and still use here) that don’t have a picture to them………so we are talking about some very ‘elusive‘ pieces! The book should be a fantastic offering to the notgeld community and all its passionate collectors. When it is ready for purchase and has been approved by the publisher and printer, I will add a note to my homepage, hopefully with a link to it to make things easy.

This month I am having a well-earned rest but will still be hunting down some interesting looking pieces so that I can research them a little and add a post about them to the website. I really do enjoy stumbling across something that needs its story to be told.

As always………..please keep well and safe……….. and do please let me know how your collections are coming on. It is always great to hear from my GNCC members!

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