TGM (Dec. 2020)

Hi again all fellow notgeld collectors.

My big news this month is that I have made my new notgeld publication ‘COMICAL GEMS‘ available for purchase. The book is dated for Jan 2021, but I have taken the opportunity to make it available just before Christmas, so that collectors can enjoy the info, graphics and the stories that this book details. The publication covers notes that have a light-hearted theme to them or funny looking graphics. It predominantly features serienscheine issues but does also cover a few notes from other notgeld categories like verkehrsausgaben and inflation issues.

One of my newest members who has already bought the book, has very kindly sent through this great feedback:

‘This is IT.  The one “must have” book for all notgeld collectors.  Even for those fluent in reading German, those witty cartoons on the Notgeld are terribly difficult to translate.  Partially because some of the writing is in a stylized form of an old German font, usually Sutterlin or Kurrent, ……. or the language is in some local dialect, ofttimes intermixed with that of a neighboring country.

So most collectors miss out on the humor, wisdom, stories  or advice that is on the notgeld.  This book rectifies all of that.  Hundreds of full-color illustrations of the currency plus well-researched data on the locale, rarity, and other characteristics of the currency as well as translations of those wonderful drawings.  After acquiring a catalog, this book is both a necessity and a delight to read.  No collector should be without it.

I’m a new collector and so glad I found this book.  It’s just most helpful, as are the author’s other 3 books.

If stars were available, this book would definitely receive a 5 star rating!!

(The book can be bought from my notgeld homepage by clicking on the ‘books’ logo near the top….. or from LuLu, the online publishers)

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