TGM (Dec. 2021)

The weather here has been atrocious on a few of the days and we currently await a roofer to replace broken and missing ridge tiles and slates. I hope the weather has not caused too many problems around the world for all of you and your families. (By the way, the very scarce 3m serienscheine note from Ahlen has a roofer depicted on it : one of 18 different craftsmen that appear around a central design. It is a wonderful looking notgeld piece and GNCC members can read all about it under ‘serienscheine/specific towns/Ahlen’……from the main yellow menu line.)

A few ‘new’ members have joined the GNCC club in the past few weeks and I have been discussing with them, how I can best assist with building up their collections. Ryszard from Poland, for example, is interested in Zeppelins, so watch out for an article on that we are both currently working on…..coming very soon!

I received a beautiful material piece from Bielefeld which I show in my ‘silver colouring on stoffgeld’ article, which covers a few notes recently sold at auction. It is a subject that a collector has to be very wary of indeed. A lot of money has been spent by someone for at least one material note that just has a discolouration on it……..not a rare colour difference, which I think he was hoping for. Please take a look at the article……..

Christmas is just around the corner and our decorations are now up and the lights switched on. With the birth of my first grandchild (a little girl we have been told) due in the next few days, I thought I would get all my jobs out of the way in readiness. I have never been so organised! Anyway, a very Merry Christmas to you all and wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I hope Santa brings you some lovely notgeld for your collection!!

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