TGM (Dec. 2022)

I hope everyone is in good health, not working too much and too hard and all looking forward to the festivities of Christmas. Our Christmas lights went up a couple of weeks ago in readiness, so they could be switched on at night from the 1st – very organised…….which I think most collectors are…..or need to be.

Over the past few weeks, I have been keeping myself busy with notgeld research and sorting through some pieces I have here. Hundreds of pieces need scanning and adding to the website shop, which keeps me busy on cold days when I don’t want to be cycling. I’ve found quite a few more ‘descriptive terms’ used on the issues (instead of ‘banknote’) and that list is now getting close to 150 different. When this little notgeld project is ‘finished’, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are nearly 200 different terms the issuers used……so as not to antagonise the Reichsbank, I think it was. If you had asked me before undertaking this piece of work, I wouldn’t have thought it was anywhere near that number.

I have just published an article on some Inflationary 1923 notgeld issues from Heidelberg, so GNCC members, do please read through that, especially if you like medieval knights. You’ll be able to find out much more about the depicted characters on the internet of course…….but the article is a good starter and a good excuse to show them off to everyone.

There have been some very interesting forum posts and some new GNCC members have joined up, so we wish them all good luck with their different collecting specialities. Take care everyone and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Maybe you will get in touch and show me your ‘new’ notgeld additions you managed to acquire as Christmas presents! Fingers crossed!!

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