TGM (Feb. 2021)

I hope you and your families are staying safe.

This month, the main news I have for you all is that I am starting up a forum for my (GNCC) German Notgeld Collectors’ Club members! It can be found under the home tab on the main yellow menu bar. Please login first as usual and then access the forum from the ‘home’ button on the yellow menu line. When you are in the initial forum page, select ‘GNCC Forum’ and then leave a post or two in the ‘general notgeld chit-chat topic!! I did have a notgeld forum in the past but it got very messy and difficult to manage. I want this new set-up to be easy and hopefully members will post under the main topic ‘general notgeld chit-chat’…………… so that everyone tends to go there as a starter. I will then be able to check and hopefully add my comments ……. almost daily.

Whilst testing, there was a problem with uploading images easily, but we have fixed that now, I am very happy to say. There are a few initial postings too which helped in formatting the forum itself.

You can see under a topic I created for stoffgeld or material pieces, a lovely dark purple bordered yellow 1000m linen piece. That was my latest acuisition and its a real beauty!

Hope all your collections are growing and improving. Stay in touch and email me direct or post a comment in the forum ‘general notgeld chit-chat‘ please! if you are passionate about notgeld, then I urge you to join my GNCC as it has lots of benefits to members.

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