TGM (Jan. 2022)

First of all, a Happy New year for 2022 to all fellow notgeld and banknote collectors. Let’s hope the year brings joy and happiness to everyone and this dreaded virus, is kept under control so we can get on with living our lives to the fullest.

This year, I will continue writing articles for the ever-growing database that is my website, as feedback on them remains very positive indeed. It is funny how some of the topics get created – something just arrives here (usually a nice piece of notgeld I’ve purchased) that triggers my imagination or something catches my eye when I’m doing other research. Occasionally, a collector will get in touch too, with a question or an interest about a certain topic or theme. It is the interaction that keeps the hobby alive for me, so please do keep all your help and suggestions coming in.

I hope 2022 brings lots of wonderful new additions to your collections. Over the year, I also hope you add ‘better’ pieces to your collections so that overall, the collection becomes a much better one. Everyone can build up an ‘average’ collection with relatively small money outlays and build up their knowledge about the notgeld issues and categories they fall into. Don’t forget books and catalogues are just as important to purchase as the notgeld themselves. A one-off outlay will set you up for years, in most cases. Some catalogues have updates of course but it will depend on the individual collector as to whether or not that additional purchase is going to be worthwhile…… need to know what updates have been generated and included.

For Christmas, I purchased a few notgeld myself, which are still to arrive here because of the bank holidays. I await the postman’s deliveries with great expectation and anticipation. Finally, for this month’s ‘news’, I wish you all success in your collecting areas for the coming year and hope you all stick to your New year’s resolutions! Mine – to cycle more (I have set myself a target of 5000 miles / 8047km) in total for 2022) and hopefully lose a few pounds along the way, that I have put on in the merriment of the season!

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