TGM (July 2021)

Hopefully all collector colleagues are well and still enjoying the notgeld hobby! A couple of new members have just joined the GNCC notgeld club and initial communications with them have been great. I’ve been busy at this end with more notgeld research and have had a couple of interesting notes arrive here for me to scan and create interesting notgeld articles about…… that will keep me busy and happy over the next few weeks, I hope.

GNCC member Nate, has been doing an excellent job with his online serienscheine catalogue (in English) and that work continues. It is a massive undertaking and the project is one that I think and hope the notgeld collectors…….especially the non-German speaking ones, will really embrace. I’ve sold a couple of my notgeld books to interested parties in the past few weeks, so that has been good for me…..and it also re-affirms that there remains a real passion for collecting these notgeld or ‘German Gems’ as I like to call them. I’m still undecided though, about the long-term state of the hobby as youngsters seem more interested in other things. Collecting definitely seems to be a special thing that you either have or don’t. Having started at age 10, it has been with me all my life and I am so thankful for that. In retirement, with the exception to family and freedom……..I don’t think you can beat a good hobby.

I continue with my 1 – 1 emails with GNCC members, discussing and answering the notgeld queries that arise. I’ve added a couple of posts too in the forum to keep that rolling along. There is some great info to be found there, so if you are a GNCC member and have not yet taken an active role in the forum……..please don’t be shy! No question is too basic or silly to ask and all questions posed will be answered by someone for sure. There are a few new articles just published and in the pipeline too, so please keep your eyes on the homepage.

The lovely weather we are enjoying at the moment (long may it continue) allows me to do my cycling a couple of days a week and I enjoy the physical fitness as well as the social side that brings. To all my notgeld and banknote collector colleagues, stay well, fit and healthy.

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