TGM (July 2022)

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the better weather we sometimes have been witnessing here. Very ‘changeable’!

Last month I hope you all read the latest articles I created. I really enjoyed the ‘Kleinschecks’ one. I have still got a little bit more to add as there is a story to find out a bit more about these issues…….. but I have published it for all GNCC members to see. Any hints or tips are kindly welcomed. As a starter : Why are they all printed by the same printer? Why are they always sets of 5? Why is the basic layout a very similar template?

Today, I just published an article based on information supplied to me from GNCC member ‘Leng’. The Helgoland rock stacks look so nice in ‘real life’ but they are precariously positioned with nature and safety barriers have had to be installed in some places. It is marvellous to see the actual rock formations as they really are…….compared to what the notgeld depict. Helgoland notgeld are beautiful pieces for any collector, so keep your eyes open…….there are several variants too!

This month, I will continue with my cycling, as weather permits, but I am already planning a couple more notgeld articles, so do please keep visiting my notgeld site and shop. I am currently starting work on an article that will cover the serienscheine sets, issued by the ‘Stahlhelm’ (Steel Helmet) war veteran organisation like Hamburg, Goerlitz and Westerstede for example. I think it will be nice to have them all shown together.

I have made quite a few additions and amendments to the ‘ELUSIVE GEMS’ book and updated the file with the publisher and printer, ‘LuLu’. It seems a very good book printer that our American friends and colleagues seem to know and use. From the original list I made of 110 main catalogue entries which have no picture at all, I am now down to just 2 entries I am still searching for…………..possibly I will never find. The updated book now also includes other scarce pieces that collectors won’t usually have come across…… all the Honnef pieces with their strong symbolic graphics. I think it is well worth purchasing again……….and allows you not to have to buy the Gr/Mehl updated catalogues.

Keep well, safe and stay collecting!

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