TGM (March 2021)

The new notgeld forum seems to be going well, so hopefully the more people that use it, the better it will become. I’ve introduced some smilies and a ranking system now so we can see how that pans out. Uploads are easy to do as are links, so I think we have the basics covered off now. I’ve used a ‘plug-in’ that works with the site set up. A few of the initial problems have been ironed out and it is starting to get some great feedback……so thanks for that. There has been a lot of info uploaded on it so far so please do join in. Its another offering I have been working on for my GNCC (German Notgeld Collectors’ Club) members.

I currently have 8 new articles that I am workng on that will get published on the website when they are ready. I am also working on a new listing that I am hoping might become the basis of my 5th……….. and probably my last, notgeld book. I have only just started on it, so it is a work in progress and could take years to complete as the subject matter is a very, very difficult one to complete. More on that as time evolves……

How are all your collections going? Email me or post on the forum how you are doing……… your latest acquisitions and maybe your favourite pieces etc. etc. I am sure all the other collectors will be fascinated by any notgeld subject or topic you write a post about. The easiest way to add a post is to reply to the latest post (which is now at the top). Please use ‘general notgeld chit-chat‘ and that way, all the collectors will see your post(s). Many years ago, when I ran another forum, the topics became so numerous, it became unworkable.

Keep well and safe……….. and do please let me know how your collections are coming on!

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