TGM (May 2023)

For this month’s news article, I want to write about GNCC member, Nathaniel Butler’s new notgeld publication : ‘ Notgeld – German Series Notes 1918 – 1922′. It is a comprehensive catalogue, 1 volume covering notes A – Z, for the serienscheine pieces……the ones most collectors will come across issued in colourful series or sets. This publication is in full English with full colour images of pieces which are overlaid showing the front and back of the note or series being catalogued. Prices are in dollar US. (At the time of publication, 1 dollar US = 90 euro cents = 80p sterling. It is fairly easy therefore, to work out the quoted price of a specific piece, in the currency you use). It is primarily aimed at the English speaking collectors who do not speak German. The previous well-known serienscheine catalogues (Lindman & Grabowski/Mehl) are all in German. These ‘old and established’ catalogue layouts are fairly easy to navigate but the big problem is that all the explanations, extra information and descriptions are in German. Nate’s book overcomes this big language barrier problem for the majority of non-German notgeld collectors who are his target audience.

The front cover is absolutely wonderful. Nate’s experience as a graphic designer has placed him well with delivering an eye-catching and colour coordinated array of serienscheine. Arranged in outward circular layers of varying basic colour types, the notgeld collector is immediately presented with wonderful images of common, scarce and rare pieces. If one looks closely at all the pieces displayed, the emphasis of the graphical design (of the notgeld pieces themselves) is quickly realised and one’s attention is quickly seized.

The beginning few pages take the reader through the basic ‘story of notgeld’ with the different categories, drivers for the issues and so forth. The different watermarks are shown, as are examples of pieces which Nate is describing. Once a collector has read through these introductory pages, including the page which explains the catalogue structure, they are then into the catalogue entries themselves.

Nate has a website which details this catalogue and shows some example pages, so one can really start to see and understand the layout and what this publication is all about. Any interested party can order a copy from Nate’s website, the link is below. (I have also included it at the bottom of the ‘My Books’ section on the homepage of this notgeld site).

I don’t hesitate in recommending this excellent ‘English speaking’ collectors’ serienscheine catalogue, from Nate. All his efforts have culminated in an excellent publication which should be added to every notgeld collector’s library. From me, for sure, it is a big WELL DONE Nate!! The collectors have been waiting for this a very long time and now it is available to them. Any queries or concerns, please contact Nate direct from his web page.

Click here to be taken to Nate’s catalogue site :

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