TGM (April 2020)

We are aiming to migrate on Monday 20th April – we will try and resolve any issues as soon as possible. Please bear with us..

Worryingly, I am still seeing lots and lots of notgeld on eBay, trying to be sold for ‘silly’ prices. Some sellers are ripping collectors off. There are ‘normal’ (non speciality issue/piece/note) notgeld with asking prices of more than 5 x their catalogue value – you must be joking!! Also please, please be very, very careful when a seller describes a note as ‘scarce’ or ‘rare’ – it might not be so!! I see it all the time, believe you me – I might have over 100 of the pieces here, so hardly rare. I encourage all of my GNCC members, if they want and it is helpful, to check with me before they purchase something on eBay (notgeld related of course), if they have any doubts as to a note’s value or scarcity. Most sellers are doing their best but some quite frankly are trying to swindle you out of your hard-earned cash! I was swindled once and its not a nice feeling. The pieces I bought, turned out to be ‘fake’………………and subsequently I found out he was doing this sort of thing to lots of collectors. Alas, he doesn’t do it anymore…..but that is a different story.

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