TGM (Nov. 2020)

A big WELCOME to all my site visitors – German Notgeld Collectors’ Club members and non-members. Over the past month, I have been test printing my new notgeld book, entitled ‘COMICAL GEMS‘ and I now hope it is ready to purchase in early December 2020!! It is my 4th notgeld book, which will sit besides my ‘GERMAN GEMS’, MATERIAL GEMS’ & ‘TARNISHED GEMS’ publications. It has been a trying time, as file formatting, normalisation and software versions have all been problems that I have had to overcome. Currently, I am awaiting a hard copy to arrive here, so that I can ensure all is well with the book, before I make it available to ‘the public’. I am sure it will make a great Xmas present for all notgeld collectors!! It is a great addition for people that have my ‘GERMAN GEMS’ book and for collectors that are drawn to the notes that seem to have a comical, funny or light-hearted design to them. There are lots and lots of great pictures with wonderful professional translations, which I am sure all collectors will find absolutely wonderful!

My latest post / notgeld article is about some fascinating and extremely interesting hyper-inflationary notes issued in Bamberg. A couple of them feature in my new ‘COMICAL GEMS’ book. I stumbled upon some of these notes whilst doing a bit of research and looking for interesting designed notes for the book.

In the shop, there is now a new category ‘German/Polish’ which I hope over the next year will list all the notes in my shop with German/Polish places of issue, all in one place for the collectors that are drawn to those types. All I need to do is flag the shop notes in my shop so they have their current category + German/Polish assigned to them. There is no rush to get this done and I will slowly flag the notes as and when……….

I wish you all well with your collecting and hope you all stumble upon some pieces you can obtain for your banknote and notgeld collections.

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