TGM (Nov. 2021)

A fairly quiet month has passed for me. I hope that is the same for others, well at least, if that was wanted. A couple of new notgeld articles have been published (see right hand side of the homepage, as they do regularly change) and I’m slowly working through other ‘notgeld’ related stuff. Some of the research is very time consuming but I do honestly think it is well worth the perseverance. I’ve had several nice emails relating to notgeld and some with great information that I will add to the website, in due course. The more info we all share, the better our hobby becomes.

Notgeld ‘contacts’ have also been increasing and I’m especially pleased with certain ones – but I won’t mention names here. Over time, I am sure we will be provided with even more expert knowledge…………one can never have too much of that!

I’m waiting on a couple of notgeld in the post and will chat to you on the forum or on articles about those, when they arrive here. New uncatalogued pieces, scarce variants and stories behind the graphics are all great additions to chat about. I recently visited my very elderly Father (86) which was so nice, after the couple of years of lockdown due to Covid. He still has all his ‘marbles’, which I have heard, from a friend in Germany, is a lovely way to put things. I am now slowly sorting out a small collection he has passed on to me. He has collected ‘stuff’ all his life and fortunately for me, I got the collecting bug too. My wife may have a different perspective on that though. Anyway, keep well and slowly start gearing up to Xmas I suppose. Good luck to all with your collecting endeavours.

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