TGM (Nov. 2022)

Welcome to everyone – I have just finished doing a bit of painting so thought I would use my down time to write this latest news for the coming month. I continue to write articles and I will be publishing one in the next day or so that I am sure GNCC members will be able to help me with. I inadvertently noticed an ‘Iron Cross’ symbol on a notgeld I was packaging up so a thought sprang to mind. I know there are several notgeld with an Iron Cross symbol on them, so a new listing in my mind was born. It will be one of those articles that becomes better and better over time.

Another thing I am really proud of this month is the additional research that is on-going for the descriptive terms for ‘money’ or ‘banknote’ used on notgeld issues. That article is available for all GNCC members to peruse ……..and who, hopefully, may suggest others I have missed so far. The notgeld issuers did not want to antagonise the Reichsbank, who had the sole responsibility of issuing banknotes, hence why these terms were used. Words or phrases like ‘kriegsgeld’ (war money), ‘gutschein’ (voucher), ‘ersatzschein’ (replacement note) and ‘baustein’ (building block – usually a donation for a building)……all must be on the minds of notgeld collectors……….but of course there are quite a few more.

I have purchased several pieces recently for my ‘specimen’ and ‘overprints’ collections. They are really now, the only 2 areas I still actively seek out. Of course, I have my eyes out there on everything else ‘notgeld’. I have seen the additions other collectors have made as well, which is always a pleasure. If you find something interesting, please do always share it on the forum so other collectors can share the experience.

Well, I do hope everyone stays fit and healthy over these colder and darker months. Good luck to all in their notgeld pursuits. I am still out riding but only if it isn’t raining at the start of the day. I’m having to wrap up a bit more now, which makes the riding harder. Oh well – no pain, no gain……..

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