TGM (Oct. 2020)

The year is flying past and by good wishes go out to you and all your families, as always.

My big project this year is to try and finish my new notgeld book. It is coming along nicely but there is still much work to be done. I’m learning so much more about notgeld from the professional translations I am getting actioned for it. The notes have so much more meaning when one understands a bit more about graphics and what they are portraying.

I’m still on the look out for scarcer variant pieces that I can write about and bring to all my GNCC notgeld club members. I have made a few small amendments to my Bielefeld 100m catalogue and those pieces remain my real collecting and research specialities and expertise. For the first time, I have had an enquiry from Norway, so that has been great. Over the years that I have been collecting and researching notgeld, the number of collectors from different countries around the world who contact me has grown and grown. It is fabulous learning about different things that collectors are interested in and the different ways people collect. A member in Poland has also been able to assist me with delivery of a note that was returned undelivered to me, over 2 years ago – but has been sitting on my desk here waiting for something like this. I feel so happy that after so long without communications, I can now hopefully get this chap his notes.

Other good news about postage to the States – everything has been delivered…..although it may have taken over 3 months to be delivered (in 1 case) due to the problems that face USPS.

Happy collecting and keep an eye out for unusual pieces that you can add to your collections.

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