TGM (Sept. 2021)

I hope everyone has had a successful past month with new additions being added to their collections and further notgeld knowledge having been gained. If a rarity has ended up in your albums, tell us all about it!

I’m still verifying some details about some rare serienscheine depicted in my recently published ‘ELUSIVE GEMS’ book and also researching a very unusual stamp mark on a Bielefeld piece, which arrived here over the past weekend. I’ll write an article about it of course, when I know more. The Bielefeld archivist hasn’t seen it before and together we are doing more research on it. What does the stamp mark say (its not that clear!!), who used it and why does it appear on this Bielefeld stoffgeld note? Some interesting information will hopefully be gleaned……

Please can I ask all of you to keep your eyes on the latest forum posts as you might be able to help with some of the queries being raised.

If there are certain topics, notes or issues you would like to see a specific article about, that doesn’t already exist in some form or other on the website, please do let me know and I will see if it can be actioned. I can’t write about every note or set of course, even though most sets have their own hidden story to tell.

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