TGM (Sept. 2022)

Yesterday, I cycled 100 miles, so I’m having a nice quiet and restful day today. I thought I should write again for the ‘news’ article, as that isn’t too tiring!! I’ve been busy as always, preparing new notgeld articles for my GNCC members, a couple of which I have just published. There is quite a bit of information contained within them and it all goes to keeping our notgeld collecting hobby, a real interesting one. I’m working on other articles too which I will publish as soon as they are complete. I did manage to complete the one on the ‘Stahlhelm’ (Steel Helmet) war veteran’s association, as promised last month. Hopefully you can read that and enjoy. If I’ve inadvertently missed any out, please do get in touch and I will of course add them in.

I’m enjoying the usual 1 -1 email correspondence and conversations about notgeld with those who like to discuss things with me. I thank you all for that as it is definitely a 2 way thing – giving and receiving knowledge. It is so enjoyable.

I’ve added a few more uncommon pieces to the shop and will continue to do that over the coming weeks and months …..and years. I still have many pieces here that I have not even scanned yet, as well as any additions that find their way to me.

I managed to add a few more specimen pieces to my collection over the past month, so I’m really pleased with that. How about you? Have you added anything nice recently? It is always good to chat ‘notgeld’. Keep well and as always………good luck in your searches ………

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