TG-M (Sept. 2023)

A friendly welcome to everyone, new and old………. and I hope all the notgeld collections are improving and growing. We have several new members who have joined in the past few months and we welcome and encourage them here, to assist us where and if they can. Post your questions and queries and we will try and answer them. We have lots of very knowledgeable and friendly ‘notgeld’ people here!

This month, I will be continuing to update some of my notgeld articles, especially my list of ‘saints on notgeld’ and more currently I’m improving my ‘notgeld artists’ listing, which seems almost endless. Some of the artists names are quite well known in the field of notgeld graphics, like Heinz Schiestl, Franz Juettner, Alfred Hanf and Willi H. Lippert (WHL) ………..but others are quite difficult to read and decipher. I am now, building upon a basic list of about 100 artists I drew up many years ago and am now trying to address the list more comprehensively. There are some notgeld where there is no artist name or initials present. Some signatures or names are very hard to read or make out and some initials are still unknown to me. I will build up the list and as I go through more and more notgeld pieces, I am sure more light will be shone onto the subject. Research goes on of course…….

Currently, I have added approximately a further 100 artist names or initials, so the list now has about 200 different named artists! In some cases, a few of these are just the artist’s initials or a single name at this stage. It is a great notgeld project as one can learn and see things on the notgeld that may have been passed over previously. Please have a look at the listing and email me with any artist names (along with any relevant artist info) you have that are not on the list. I will of course, add them in and improve the listing for everyone in our GNCC notgeld collecting arena. I am slowly going through some notgeld serienscheine albums here and I have nearly completed parts A – L, so about half of what I have here, so far. It is quite a long and time consuming process but I will try and add a few names and scans, every day. I am learning a few things as I go and certain ‘patterns’ seem to be coming now. There are specific articles for some of the artists that have created numerous notgeld graphics, which I point out in the listing, so please do see those as well. I am also going through some Grossgeld 1918 and Inflation 1922 & 1923 notgeld pieces to see if I can find anything interesting for the graphics there.

Thanks to all those who have assisted me already – your efforts are always much appreciated. We will all become more knowledgeable about our notgeld over time if we pool our thoughts and observations.

On a different theme, on the dryer days, I will hopefully be continuing to cycle, to keep fit and for my mental well being. The weather really is unsettled though. Whatever you are up to, I wish you all good luck, especially with your collecting and don’t forget to add a post on the GNCC forum or email me direct with any interesting notgeld stuff!!

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