TGM (Sept. 2020)

Another month has gone by, fairly quickly….. and we are still wary of the COVID19 situation. All good here though so I hope that is the same for you and your families. Having more time at home is a good thing if you have a great hobby like ours!

I have welcomed a few more ‘new’ GNCC members in the past weeks to the club and hope to be able to assist them with their collecting and collections. Articles are still being written and I will publish another one soon on the website. The new book I am compiling is coming on slowly and is going to bring a lot of interesting info to the non-German speaking collectors out there.

Postage is causing me a bit of a headache at the moment, especially with the USPS – I think they are struggling. All my packages have been delivered except for 1 very special piece so we still keep our fingers crossed for that to be delivered. The USPS website isn’t much use at all – it just states ‘in-transit’ and it has been like that for weeks now, if not months. You pay for a service and expect that service to be delivered. Yesterday, I was advised a package had already been delivered though…..much earlier than we were expecting. We will keep our eyes on the situation and do what is necessary.

I have added a couple of pieces to my collection, which I will be scanning and researching and then writing articles about and posting those up on the website. I have had some great feedback about the new website and the content, but also about the speedier loading of pages/articles etc.

I have been asked a question, which hopefully you can all help me with. What is the shortest validity period on a notgeld issue? ( serienscheine and also non-serienscheine issue – so 2 dates or periods please, if you spot anything very small on your notes). Email me please with what you can find. Collectors will be aware that some validity periods had already passed before the note was issued! That’s notgeld for you!! Some of the serienscheine were only valid for the event they were issued for, so we are talking 1, 2 or 3 days there I think. Maybe we could do this for each major notgeld category………..I’ll await your responses eagerly and maybe we will then be able to create some sort of table for the info. gained.

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