Notgeld Articles

Latvian notgeld

Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, Latvia declared its independence on November 18, 1918. After a confused period of fighting, the new nation was recognized by … Read more

notgeld info. in English

Publications for general collectors which featured specific articles on notgeld, for example, Banknote Reporter and Coin News are not listed here. I want to mention … Read more


Some of the writing on these beautiful German notgeld pieces can be difficult to decipher, so the picture below, supplied to me by one of … Read more

notgeld beermats

I recently came upon these beermats from the private German brewery ‘Heinrich Reissdorf’, located in Koeln (Cologne), so I thought I would show them all. … Read more

Website feedback from members

(Latest feedback is at the top) Thank you for developing! It is very helpful with so much information, excellent pictures, research, and tidbits for … Read more



 Very rare 1914 German ‘spielkarton’ (playing card) notgeld issues: The notgeld issues of 1914 do tend to be more drab and plainer looking than the … Read more

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