Hamm specimen pieces

Lovely pieces for any collection. The top four pictures are of ‘uncut pairs’:

All these pieces above are double-sided. To clarify, the 2 pictures above are the front and back of the same piece.

There are examples I have of these pieces where the ‘Ungueltig’ looks like it is sometimes also followed by a separate full stop – so 2 variants to collect of the same piece. It might be just where there is no space left between the tail of the ‘g’ and the full stop though…….

These next pieces are even more wonderful for a collector!

‘Probedruck’ written in red and brown. I suspect, in total, there would have been 4 different colours with either red or brown writing and then for each of the ‘Neues’ or ‘Altes’ pieces/graphics…….so a total of 16 different ‘probedruck’ (pattern) pieces made.


This piece is a modern forgery / replica

German banknotes with advertisements

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