Scouting related notgeld (Pfadfinderbund) issues.

 These2 rare 50pf & 100pf pieces are from Altenwied. They catalogue at 200 euros each! They feature in my German notgeld encyclopedia book : ‘GERMAN GEMS’

The following 3 scarce pieces are from Berlin.

Berlin pfadfinderabteilung3

The 3 notes below were issued in Flensburg – their reverses are plain.

This rare note is from Frankfurt am Main-Niederrad


This extremely rare set is from Norderney

Norderney pfadfinder

(Info below, supplied by GNCC member John Adams):

The set of 4 notes below, were issued in Tirschenreuth by the ‘Lager der Ringgemeinschaft in Deutschen Pfadfinder-Bund’ in 1921, an early group of Ring Scouts,…….. a soon-to-be breakaway organisation from the German scouting movement established in 1922.  The notes proclaim their validity only within the camp of the “Ring Community within the League of German Scouts” (DPB).  So these 1921 notes are an early expression of separatist tendencies.  The DPB was open to all, but the Ringpfadfinder (Ring Scouts) wanted to establish an elite organisation where soldierly virtues were encouraged. Their ethos seems to be represented in the warning on the obverse, which reflects the warning common on German banknotes, but with a twist : “Anyone who replicates or counterfeits this note or comes into possession of forgeries of the same or brings the same into circulation will be beaten up.” The main region where the Ring Scouts were particularly numerous was Saxony, although Tirschenreuth is in Bavaria……..


My current list of places that issued ‘pfadfinderbund’ notgeld is below:

Altenwied   ‘Pfadfinderhorst’
Berlin   ‘Pfadfinderabteilung’
Duesseldorf   ‘Pfadfinderhorst’
Flensburg   ‘Pfadfinderkorps Jung Flensburg’
Frankfurt am Main-Niederrad   ‘Pfadfinderortsgruppe Freiherr von der Goltz’
Norderney  ‘Pfadfinderlager Nordsee’
Tirschenreuth  ‘Pfadfinder-Bund’

Do you know of others or can you provide ‘missing’ scans? Please let me know and I will add them to this list.

AUSTRIAN sets I am aware of include:


Innsbruck – Pfadfindergruppe ‘Speckbacher’ – see scans below
Wien – Pfadfinderkorps ‘St. Georg’



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