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This is a scracer set of 3 wooden pieces from Hadersfeld

A scarce piece of wertbestaendige notgeld issued in Cham. The notgeld piece has 5 coupons (‘zinsschein’) still attached.

The presentation envelope for ‘set 1’ from Schmalkalden

3 different coloured presentation envelopes for the Buttstaedt set of 6 (Gr/Mehl-211 & Lm.203)

The 2 x reverses show (‘foolishly’) a sundial, hidden and away from the sun……but keeping its pristine condition!

Original design seen on the blue coloured note.
Jena ‘Carl Zeiss’ note with black stampmark and no ‘C Z’ hole-punched mark
reverse side of the 50gpf note

Greifenhagen – 2 lbs rye with ‘AS’ text on left (above) & 5 lbs with ‘AS’ part blocked out (below)
A ‘zentner’ or ‘ztr’ was equal to 100 lbs. (In Germany they also use the term ‘quintal‘ which is the same, but I don’t think you ever see it on any notgeld…….)
Neuruppin – 20 lbs rye with ‘AS’ text on left

The anti-Semitic (‘AS’) text on these notes reads : ‘This note becomes invalid if it falls into the hands of the Jews. Germany for the Germans!’
‘Dieser Schein ist ungueltig, wenn er in die hand von Juden und Judenmischlingen gelangt. Deutschland den Deutschen!’ (‘This note becomes invalid if it falls into the hands of the Jews. and mixed race Jews. Germany for the Germans!’)

3 coins from Rothenbach made from compressed coal dust, each with their scratched in serial numbers
Official numbers for the 1000m coin ‘mintage’ is 3500 pieces – but here we have coin ‘3555’, as I think 100 extra pieces were made to cover for broken or badly manufactured pieces.

One of the first ever notgeld created in Germany, dating from ’31 Juli 1914′ and issued by the’ Buergerliches Brauhaus (brewery) of Bremen. It was valid for one month and was produced by the hectograph printing method, where one original piece would have been typed and created and then further copies made from that piece, using a gelatine copy I believe.

Possneck – leather shoe sole piece with rounded corners
Possneck – leather shoe sole piece with straight corners

Ballenstedt – a note with the value of 1 ztr (hundredweight) of Roggen (Rye)
I personally think the reverse graphic on this 75pf note from Neustadt is almost certain to have been drawn by Wilhelm Busch. What do you think??

GNCC member Marcel – It is sometimes very hard to find information of the artists on Serenscheine. They are “forgotten”. A few days ago I was looking for the artist of Langeln. I knew the name (is on the note), but I found nothing. It is a challenge to look for these artists. The pictures (and stories) form the core of the notes, but the most are mentioned nowhere or are anonymous. Very sad when you are thinking about this. You sometimes know more about the specific editions of the notes than about the artist!

Schauenstein glass factory – Inflationary notes, showing a couple of the different paper colours available to collectors. (There are several out there….orange, green..etc) The top piece has been overprinted and its face value has been manually altered too with a pen
Weisswasser 5m (musterscheine)
Banknote with reverse side advertising an ‘Auto-6’ radio

Cuestrin (uncut sheet)

Highly desirable ‘pattern’ pieces from the town of Hamm. I believe 16 different pieces would have been issued or made (I don’t know how many copies of each but it would be very few in number indeed) and then these would have been passed to whoever was paying for the notgeld to be printed, so they could decide which pattern would be used in the final production of the notgeld.
3 scarce Bielefeld 100m pieces……. with a modern ‘very shiny’ forgery on the top.

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notgeld info. in English

*wicker goods (Lichtenfels)

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