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Austrian notgeld


Austrian notgeld, at first sight, do appear less interesting than the very colourful German types. However, the longer you spend collecting them, the more you find out about them and why they are so collectable. The great majority of the Austrian notgeld issues do seem of a lower quality, in paper, design and printing, but look beyond the 'normal' pieces and you will be amazed as to what is out there for the notgeld collector!


(Mouse-over to see the reverse sides.)

The two sets of 3 from Braunau am Inn and Diersbach, above, are 'typical' of the Austria notgeld sets collectors will have come across. The Diersbach set, does have a stampmark, which is slightly more unusual on Austrian notgeld, so is a good starter to see some differences for the collector to hopefully stumble upon. Dated around 1920, most are in sets but the printing colours, in general, do tend to be single-coloured rather than a very colourful mix. The Braunau am Inn pieces are interesting as it was the birthplace of one Adolf Hitler!

As with everything though, the Austrian notgeld issues do contain some very interesting pieces or sets. Have a look at the 'special' sets below:


This very intereting uncut block of 4 pieces, above, was issued in Walding and was a limited edition of 1500 pieces ('stuck'). It is a 3rd issue ('auflage').


Aigen3 limited500

 The set of 3 from Aigen, above are from an issue of only 500 sets. They have the official stampmark, the gold printing (a good sign that the set is special in some way) and the serial numbers.......nowhere near as common on Austrian notgeld issues as compared to the German numbered or serialed pieces. All 3 of these things are good for a collector to watch out for as they could be a sign that the note is scarcer than normal.......officail stampmark, gold printing, serial number.

Austrian notgeld can come in several forms - paper, card, wood, playing card - to name a few. Here is a lovely looking pair of 95 heller pieces, issued as a postcard.




'Private' issues also exist in Austrian notgeld, issued by shops, cafe's and individuals etc. The scan below is a lovely example. They clearly have the place of issue, the name of the issuer, the date of issue/validity and the issuer's hand-written signature :









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