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Today, 25th April 2018, I am finally confirming that the piece shown above is a 'modern' digital copy / forgery / replica piece! We now have scientific evidence provided by x-ray florescence testing (XRF)!!

The material is a modern glossy one and the size of the 'box' with the thick black border is smaller in size than on all genuine and 'true' pieces. My experience and thoughts initially told me this was not a 'proper' piece and this has now also been confirmed by Joseph E.Boling, another very well known banknote expert and member of the IBNS.

(My catalogue on these types 'MATERIAL GEMS' has now been amended and corrected and re-published, with a revised date of APRIL 2018. I can't see that I will be updating this publication anymore. The latest revised edition also includes all other 100m material pieces that I have found to date, that were not contained in the previous publication. The publication now catalogues over 200 different pieces!! This very shiny piece is the only known non-genuine Bielefeld material 100m type).

The difference in 'box' size can be seen in the following scans, where only the top note in each scan is the modern replica/forgery piece!





Other differences do exist, eg) the differences in the micro-printing, but I won't go into those in full detail here......