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The 'healing pool' note

The top 2 pictures show the 25m notes that depict the 'healing pool', which comes in 2 different colours and several variants. Some of the notes have small writing around their edges and the 2 colours are depicted above. The 50m note, only comes in the above colour. If you hold the note up to the light, you will sometimes be able to see a small dark rectangular shape. This is an insert which was perfumed at the time of manufacture, making the note smell beautiful. I have only ever come across this with this 50m note. If you know of others, please let me know and I will add the info.

The story told by the 25m 'healing pool' note

On the front of the 25m note, (see top picture) there are 4 small drawings, one in each corner. (The 'healing pool' is depicted on the back of the note.) Going from the top left, anti-clockwise, we have a picture of effluent being discharged into the Lutterbach from a bleach and dye works building, Hennerken Puls (a well known Bielefeld character of the times) going for a bath in the Lutterbach, Hennerken Puls emerging covered in blue dye and finally, Hennerken Pul drinking a beer and trying to get himself clean. The drinking of the beer, is important here. The Bielefeld brewers had taken water from the Lutterbach, to make their beers. The local bleachers and dyers (Bielefeld was a city built upon the linen industry) were supposed to withhold their waste from the Lutterbach because of the brewers.

The small script in black, next to the black squirl says in German:

Amtl.Bekanntmachung durch Ausschellen:
"Es wird hiermit bekannt gemacht.
das niemand in die Bache kackt.
denn morgen wird gebbraut."

Translated, the verse states:

Let it be known,
No one shit in the creek.
Tomorrow is brewing day.
The note was designed by Muggly, a teacher in the Industrial Art School. The Bielefeld mineral spring was once esteemed as a cure for gout, blindness, arthritic fingers, corns and lover's grief! The reputed healing success of 1666 verged on the miraculous. The chronicles recorded 438 healings in 10 weeks.