Scouting related notgeld (Pfadfinderbund) issues.


 These2 rare 50pf & 100pf pieces are from Altenwied. They catalogue at 200 euros each! They feature in my German notgeld encyclopedia book : 'GERMAN GEMS'
The following 3 scarce pieces are from Berlin.
Berlin pfadfinderabteilung3



The 3 notes below were issued in Flensburg - their reverses are plain.





This rare note is from Frankfurt am Main-Niederrad





This extremely rare set is from Norderney


Norderney pfadfinder




The set of 4 notes below, were issued in Tirschenreuth by the 'Lager der Ringgemeinschaft in Deutschen Pfadfinder-Bund' in 1921.

My current list of places that issued 'pfadfinderbund' notgeld is below:
Altenwied   'Pfadfinderhorst'
Berlin   'Pfadfinderabteilung'
Duesseldorf   'Pfadfinderhorst'
Flensburg   'Pfadfinderkorps Jung Flensburg'
Frankfurt am Main-Niederrad   'Pfadfinderortsgruppe Freiherr von der Goltz'
Norderney  'Pfadfinderlager Nordsee'
Tirschenreuth  'Pfadfinder-Bund'
Do you know of others or can you provide 'missing' scans? Please let me know and I will add them to this list.
AUSTRIAN sets I am aware of include:
Innsbruck - Pfadfindergruppe 'Speckbacher' - see scans below
Wien - Pfadfinderkorps 'St. Georg'