Uncut sheets

Uncut sheets of notgeldscheine

Very desirable amongst notgeld collectors, are sheets of notgeld that have remained uncut. When notgeld were printed in the different printing houses across Germany, usually they would have been inspected and then cut up into individual notes and then stamped with their serial numbers or been passed through the numerator machine, ready for distribution by the issuing authority - the local town savings bank or a private company or whoever had requested the print run.

In some cases a collector might be lucky enough to come across print sheets where they have not been made into the individual notgeld pieces. Usually the serial numbers are missing so the average price per notgeld would be 15 euros. If you multiply that by the number of pieces in the uncut sheet and add about 10-25% on top for the uncut sheet.........then you can see the prices of these sheets is quite high.

Here are a few examples of uncut sheets I managed to collec (which I am now selling) ............. most of which, were purchased from large auction houses in Germany :









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