Juxschein Eferding 77 ‘insane asylum’ fantasy note!


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Austrian (Eferding?)  ’77’ insane asylum fantasy note!!! Niedernhart is not a town, but rather the nickname for the “Landes-Nervenklinik Wagner-Jauregg” – an Austrian insane asylum, where the Notgeld collectors who issued this scarce fantasy note evidently feel they belong! Not only is the place of issue a mystery, but the denomination itself is 77 … “Niedernharter Currency” (Niedernharter Währung). Not Marks, Kronen, Heller, or Pfennig!! Translation is as folows:

‘To effect the spread of Emergency Money Paralysis (Dementia pecuniosa) and Collectors’ Delirium (Delirium colligens), the Notgeld Fools League of Niedernhart is issuing coupons to the value of 77 and will discharge the obligation to exchange this note for Niedernhart currency four weeks after the delirium takes hold. Signed at Niedernhart at the time of the full moon, 1920, by Dr Spinnnski, specialist for Emergency Money Paralysis and in charge of Collectors’ Delirium.’

Note is in ‘used but very good’ condition.

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