AUSTRIAN Linz 3 (blue)


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Set of 3 Austrian anti-semitic notgeld. issued in Linz und Wels. in 1920, with face values of 50, 80 Heller and 1 Krone. Issued by the Party Administration of the German Freedom and Order Party of Upper Austria. The 80 Heller shows an armed soldier pointing at a black bearded Jewish type kneeling on the ground near a large sack. Captioned “I tell you, and I mean it – Isaac Schlerich is your worst enemy.” (Schleich = Sneak) and is well known although not common. I don’t believe that the 1 Krone has been published as an anti-Semitic note but it certainly has an anti-Semitic theme as it depicts Jews pulling cattle away from a crying Austrian family.

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