Berlin – rare anti-Semitic ‘Bund der Guten’ 2 mark piece!


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Berlin – rare anti-Semitic ‘Bund der Guten’ 2 mark note! The piece is in ‘au-unc’ condition which is the norm for these types (serienscheine). Incomplete set as you are purchasing a single 2 mark rare note. It catalogues under Gr/Mehl-85.1 with a catalogue value of 400 euros. (2009) GNCC members can purchase this rare note at catalogue price.

The ‘Bund der Guten’ (‘League of Good Men’) was founded in 1915 by Kurt Paehlke, a member of the Germanenorden, an occult and anti-Semitic nationalist group. Paehlke’s ‘League of Good Men’ also went by the name of the ‘Neue Vereinigung für Lebenserneuerung auf arisch-christlicher Grundlage’ (New Union for the Renewal of Life on the Basis of Aryan Christian Principles) and gained considerably in membership after the end of WWI.  It seems to have been one of several organizations of the time, involved in esoteric ‘Germanness’, anti-Semitism, Nordic and Aryan heritage and associated matters. Paehlke took on the pseudonym H.A. Weishaar and the ‘B. d G.’ went from strength to strength, even drawing the attention of later head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, in 1925!


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