Bielefeld (Landkreis) 5+10+20+50 milliarden mark!!


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4 lovely uncommon hyper-inflationary notes from Bielefeld with excellent imagery – please see scans which show fronts and backs of the pieces.Bielefeld was a linen producing town/city and the pictures show the fashion of ladies clothing that some of the seamstresses would have made themselves. Face values are for 5+10+20+50 milliarden mark – for example 50,000,000,000m. Three of the notes are in ‘nearly au-unc’ condition and 1 is in ‘used but good’ condition. Some of the pieces has slight markings, so I have priced them accordingly. The thing to be aware o here is that 2 o the pieces are wth serial number and 2 are without. Also, 3 reverse sides are blank whilst 1 is not.These are hard to comeby pieces.The 10 milliarden mark piece also has a print error where the red colour is offset. Very nice pieces for anyone’s banknote and notgeld collection!

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